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Injection Moulding is the most common method of producing parts made of plastic and is what Purley Plastics have based their business on. The process includes the injection or forcing of molten plastic into a mould which is in the form of the part to be made using one of our range of machines. Upon cooling and solidification, the part is ejected and the process continues. The only limitation in shape and size is the complexity of the mould being used and the imagination of the designer. The injection molding process is capable of producing an infinite variety of part designs containing an equally infinite variety of details such as threads, springs, and hinges, and all in a single molding operation.

A plastic is defined as any natural or synthetic polymer that has a high molecular weight. There are two types of plastics, thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermosets will undergo a chemical reaction when heated and once formed cannot be resoftened. The thermoplastics, once cooled, can be ground up and reheated repeatedly. Thermoplastics are used primarily in all of our injection molding.

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